Pula Roman Theatre

Pula, Croatia

The smaller Roman Theatre of Pula from the 1st century AD was erected on the slope underneath the Venetian fortress. The area was divided into the stage and the proscene where the acting took place, the orchestra and the viewing area or the cavea. The theatre lied on the hill slope, which was the characteristic of Greek theatres. Only the stage foundations and a part of the semi-circular viewing area of the Small Roman Theatre have remained preserved. During the Antiquity, the theatre occupied a larger space not visible today in view of never completed archaeological surveys. Its capacity was estimated between 4 and 5 thousand spectators, which was the entire population of Pula at the time. Today, as in the Roman times, the twin gates lead to the theatre. In front of it is the Archaeological Museum, once the site of the German high school.



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Hercuov prolaz 1, Pula, Croatia
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Founded: 0-100 AD
Category: Prehistoric and archaeological sites in Croatia

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User Reviews

Mike Veey (7 months ago)
It was our first time seeing this historical place. We paid €10 each which we thought was a little over priced. It would have been nice to see more written information. The area is a little run down and there is not a lot of parking. If your in the area check it out but I wouldn’t suggest driving to far to see it.
Sergey Serg (8 months ago)
A monumental structure preserved from Roman times. Looks impressive. Of course it doesn’t reach the level of the Colosseum, but overall it’s a very majestic and beautiful building.
Cathy Armstrong (9 months ago)
Stunning, including the setting overlooking the harbour. If you get to see an evening event there do so, magical. Arguably better than the Colosseum, less visited/touristy.
Alex D (10 months ago)
The Colosseum is great but DON'T pay the 10 euro entrance ticket and go inside! There are no explanation panels as far as I could see and audio guide did not seem to be included. You can perfectly well get a very good impression by standing at one of the higher, surrounding gates for free.
Mark Doeswijk (10 months ago)
Impressive structure that is well preserved. Sitting in the stands, you can really get a feel for the scale of the place. We visited in the evening, and the setting sun made for some amazing views of the illuminated cranes in the harbour.
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