Bellevue Palace

Berlin, Germany

The immaculately-looking white neoclassical palace on the Spreeweg, just off the Tiergarten’s northwestern corner is the official residence of the German President. The palace was erected in 1786 as a private residence for Friedrich the Great’s youngest brother Prince Ferdinand of Prussia as three-winged palace ideally situated on the Tiergarten hunting grounds. It was designed by architect Philipp Daniel Boumann. Over the centuries it became a school under Kaiser Wilhelm II (1888 – 1918) – the last German Kaiser – and a Reich guesthouse in 1939. The round arched windows of the side wings were converted from the original side entrances. The present building is the 1959 reconstructed version and only one room the Oval Saal (Oval Office) from Carl Gotthard Langhans is original. The President’s offices are located in the new building, the Bundespräsidialamt, south of the Palace, a contrasting glass and black granite edifice under heavy guard.



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Bellevue-Ufer, Berlin, Germany
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Founded: 1786
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Germany
Historical period: Emerging States (Germany)


4.4/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Kyle A. Klopfenstein (3 months ago)
Incredibly gorgeous architecture, a beautiful park around it, historically significant- a must see!
Bobin Sresta (5 months ago)
One of the unique palace that you can find in Germany. Just dont miss it, if you are near to brandenburg gate or victory column.
GuD StoL (10 months ago)
Great building, worth of visit. So important ? nearby park, nearby Brandenburg, near very centre. Recomend stopping there and walk by the river, or jogg or bike ride. Will be back in a day or two to relax and chill..
Judith Gantschnigg (11 months ago)
Nice palace.. but you can't go inside or anything.. the surrounding area is really nice tho.
Hassan AG (11 months ago)
The palace of the German president is a high class design. I crossed by in the evening and looked magnificent. I would recommend tourists to visit the palace of the president.
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