Bellevue Palace

Berlin, Germany

The immaculately-looking white neoclassical palace on the Spreeweg, just off the Tiergarten’s northwestern corner is the official residence of the German President. The palace was erected in 1786 as a private residence for Friedrich the Great’s youngest brother Prince Ferdinand of Prussia as three-winged palace ideally situated on the Tiergarten hunting grounds. It was designed by architect Philipp Daniel Boumann. Over the centuries it became a school under Kaiser Wilhelm II (1888 – 1918) – the last German Kaiser – and a Reich guesthouse in 1939. The round arched windows of the side wings were converted from the original side entrances. The present building is the 1959 reconstructed version and only one room the Oval Saal (Oval Office) from Carl Gotthard Langhans is original. The President’s offices are located in the new building, the Bundespräsidialamt, south of the Palace, a contrasting glass and black granite edifice under heavy guard.



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Bellevue-Ufer, Berlin, Germany
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Founded: 1786
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Germany
Historical period: Emerging States (Germany)


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User Reviews

Lany Party (10 months ago)
Been there during the day of open doors.. Well it’s pretty but not as exquisite as I would’ve expected it to be. You could say that’s a sign of being humble and not wanting to provoke the folks that are beneath the financial situation of the president.. but hell nah he still lives in a castle which already is over the top, so at least go all the way with that choice. (Ps the carpets were really pretty tho)
Dennis Belichenko (10 months ago)
We visited Burger Festival last Sunday and President' Steinmeier's Schloss Bellevue. That was an amazing festival showing many details of German culture and national traditions, as well as Czech Republic's and other European countries. Wonderful place!
Enmanuel Ortega (10 months ago)
Nice place. Excellent activity for the people.
Mohammad Shabsogh (13 months ago)
Bellevue Palace is an impressive and elegant building located in Berlin, Germany. It serves as the official residence of the President of Germany. The building was originally constructed in 1786 as a summer palace for Prince August Ferdinand of Prussia, and it has undergone several renovations and additions over the years. The palace's architecture is a combination of late Baroque and early Classicism styles. The building's exterior features a stately and symmetrical design with a light-colored façade made of sandstone. The palace has a large, central dome with a golden eagle perched on top, which adds to its regal appearance. One of the most striking features of Bellevue Palace is its large central hall, which is decorated with ornate sculptures and grand staircases. The hall leads to several other impressive rooms, including the White Hall and the Red Hall, which are adorned with paintings and tapestries. Overall, Bellevue Palace is a stunning example of historic architecture that has been beautifully restored and maintained. Its grandeur and elegance make it a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Berlin.
Paul Bowen (15 months ago)
Well kept with heavy security. An information stand would be nice to explain the story of the once buried statues on the palace grounds.
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