Salzburg, Austria

The Petersfriedhof or St. Peter's Cemetery is - together with the burial site at Nonnberg Abbey - the oldest cemetery in Salzburg. It is one of Salzburg's most popular tourist attractions. Its origins date back to about 700, when the adjacent St. Peter's Abbey was established by Saint Rupert of Salzburg. The abbey's cemetery, probably at the site of an even earlier burial place, was first mentioned in an 1139 deed, the oldest tombstone dates to 1288. Closed in 1878, the site decayed until in 1930 the monks of St. Peter's successfully urged for the admission of new burials.

Carved into the rock of the Festungsberg there are catacombs that may stem from the Early Christian days of Severinus of Noricum during the Migration Period. They include two chapels: The Maximuskapelle and the Gertraudenkapelle, consecrated in 1178 under the Salzburg Archbishop Conrad of Wittelsbach and dedicated to the assassinated Archbishop Thomas Becket of Canterbury.

A second chapel, The Margarethenkapelle, (re-)built in 1491, occupies a cite in the center of the cemetery.



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Founded: 700 AD
Category: Cemeteries, mausoleums and burial places in Austria

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Elena (10 months ago)
This is the highlight of my trip to salzburg! This cemetery is so gorgeous and breathtaking! It gives death a sweet feeling and a good vibe that the dead are resting in peace and harmony with nature! I loved it! I am usually not interested in visiting touristic areas more than once but St Peter's cemetery- I would! Highly recommended! You can't miss visiting this place of you are in Salzburg! FYI I visited in the winter and it was still this colorful and beautiful- I can't imagine how it would look like in the spring!
Merry Go Round (サトウ) (12 months ago)
We don't normally visit cemeteries but this is one of the exception. ❤️❤️❤️They are beautiful even though it's an old cemetery and Church there is certainly peaceful to walking around with beautiful flowers and different mausoleums that dated few centuries ago Another trivia is this is where the part of 'sounds of music' when Von Trap family is trying to hide during escape
Brian Saylor (12 months ago)
Interesting cemetery attached to The Franciscan Friary. Many interesting tombstones and a quaint little chapel that should be looked at.
Sara Montebrusco (13 months ago)
It seems weird to rate a cemetery, but this spot was so beautiful and the view to the fortress was so nice from here, that I had to give it 5 stars. Very well-maintained cemetery: green and full of flowers. Maybe one of my favourite spots in the city. You can also visit the catacombs for 2€.
Paul Parzyszek (13 months ago)
Attractive cemetery with well maintained and compact graves. Colorful plants and scultpure make this one of the most 'artistic' cemeteries I've seen. The catacombs in the cliff offer nice views of the cemetery, but aren't very impressive themselves (and also costs 2 euros to enter).
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