Mozart's Birthplace

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg’s Wunderkind – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – was born in what is known as the Hagenauer House at no. 9 Getreidegasse on the 27th January 1756. He lived there with his sister Nannerl and his parents until 1773. Mozart’s Geburtshaus now houses a museum open all year round.

Mozart’s Geburtshaus guides guests through the original rooms in which the Mozart family lived and presents a range of artefacts, including historical instruments, documents, keepsakes and mementos, and the majority of the portraits painted during his lifetime. One such example is the unfinished oil portrait painted by Mozart’s brother-in-law Joseph Lange in 1789 – ‘Wolfgang Amade Mozart at the piano’. Among the most famous exhibits are Mozart’s childhood violin, his clavichord, portraits and letters belonging to the Mozart family.



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Founded: 1756
Category: Museums in Austria

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Brandon Williams (20 months ago)
If you don't have much time in Salzburg and you're not a big Mozart fan then you don't need to come here. The museum is absolutely wonderful and there are a lot of unique artifacts from his childhood. But I likely would not visit this location again because I feel as though it was a cool place to see one time
matt knight (20 months ago)
If you appreciate Mozart then I'm sure this place is fantastic, and it's definitely impressive standing in the place of greatness, but is an old preserved apartment, and just that. There is information and relics from Mozarts life but ultimately that comes back to if you appreciate and admire his work or not. For the person who does, they'll love it, if they don't, it's just an old apartment. Finally, the two guys working at the front, a Korean man and an Austrian man, were both great, super friendly and super helpful. The two ladies working in the painting room and the shop, were not as pleasant. *picture taken looking out from one of the rooms of the house*
nomiS Tay (23 months ago)
Very nice and short museum in the heart of Salzburg. Doable for all ages and at a comfortable pace can be finished in about an hour. Not to busy (In January) and is a great place to learn things about the historic composer. Would recommend :)
Thanos Michael (2 years ago)
If you love classical music and you like Mozart you should visit it. Apart from the museum, Salzburg is a beautiful place with a long and important history. It is wonderful and worth a walk. The entrance to the city is very impressive. Expect some small traffic on the way to the center of Salzburg.
Mahdi Alfardan (2 years ago)
I love classic music and love Mozart. In his birth place the information is all about him and his family did not hear any of his music on site which was disappointing. Plenty of his possession and details on his life. Just the way it was presented was not exciting. Still with the visit.
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