Palacio de Viana

Córdoba, Spain

Palacio de Viana was established as the family estate in 1492 by Gómez Suárez de Figuroea. He died childless and was succeeded by his nephew. The original house has experienced numerous alterations up to our days, of which we can highlight the extension in the 17th century, which gave it its current appearance to a great extent.

The palace covers a surface of more than 6,500 square metres, of which almost 4,000 of them correspond to courtyards, gardens and open spaces. Visitors, more than 70,000 every year, are especially attracted by the elegant patios and the superb 18th century garden of this palace which has lately become a museum, thanks to the collaboration of an important institution in the town.


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Founded: 1492
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Spain


4.5/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Andrea Muznik (8 months ago)
Must see if in Cordoba. Price is only 5 eur for Patios. So beautiful gardens with so much variety of plants. No need to book in advance. Due to hot summers (40 degrees), it has always been essential for its inhabitants to have a cool rest for the hottest part of the day. These are par of place, but we didn't see the interior.
George Michael (9 months ago)
Just a 5 minute walk from our stay, we so much enjoyed the walled courtyards so quiet this time of year and plenty still in flower. This is a must visit if in Córdoba
Katya Butsman (10 months ago)
The patios are really amazing. enjoyed walking between the many different patios, nice gardeners take good care of the plants, info sheets include historical facts and plant agenda of each patio. a very relaxing and inspiring place, definitly a favorit in Cordoba!
Prue March (11 months ago)
Beautiful patios, we did not take the house tour as guides are only in Spanish (with English/French guidebooks available) and we were mostly interested in the gardens. You get a pamphlet with details of the history of the gardens as well as what plants you can see.
Jonathan H (11 months ago)
A worthwhile visit if you are in Cordoba. I liked the patios very much where you are free to wander. If you want to see the house then you have to join a tour group which is only in Spanish (although you get an English leaflet). Better for me would have been to walk freely around the house at my own pace......and to be allowed to take photos......I agree flash photography should be banned, but many modern cameras / phones have low light features. So 5 stars for the patios and 3 stars for the average of 4.
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