Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon

Lyon, France

The Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon is housed near place des Terreaux in a former Benedictine convent of the 17th and 18th centuries. It is one of the largest art museums in France. Its collections range from ancient Egypt antiquities to the Modern art period and make the museum one of the most important in Europe.

The paintings department has European paintings of 14th- to mid-20th-century paintings. They are arranged chronologically and by major schools in 35 rooms. At the heart of the abbey's former cloister is now a municipal garden, right in the centre of the town, on the peninsula. It is decorated with several 19th century's statues.

Ancient Egypt is the main theme of the museum's antiquities department, due to the historic importance of egyptology in Lyon, animated by men like Victor Loret, whose family gave over 1000 objects to the museum in 1954. From 1895, the musée du Louvre provided nearly 400 objects (unguent vases, funerary figurines etc.) to form the foundation of the department.



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Founded: 1801
Category: Museums in France


4.5/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Sean O'Neill (6 months ago)
A fabulous museum. A wonderful collection of Egyptian, Roman and Greek antiquities. Fabulous art deco collection. Lots of great 20th century french art. Highly recommend.
Sina Afshar (7 months ago)
Very large museum with eye-catching paintings and sculptures. Mostly you can find religious artwork on the walls. The reception speaks English very well and they are kind. The toilet on the -1 floor doesn’t have a lift and there is no soap. The hygiene could be way better.
SummeryKnight74 (7 months ago)
Must Read: There is a coat storage area, but they will advise you to keep them with you because it gets cold in the museum. DON'T LISTEN TO THEM! It gets quite hot so give them your coat for storage. If you are using an audio tour and you have the wrong language, press 9?9 and then you'll be able to select your language. (It might be ?9? if that doesn't work) I'm not an arts person but this place has a whole lot of variety from artifacts to paintings. There is an entry fee of about 8 euros. Audio tours are available in English and French.
Nane (7 months ago)
Discounted ticket is 4 euros. A very large art museum. There are lockers for your backpacks inside and outside the museum. The garden of museum is perfect for relaxing. There's a lot of painting inside. at least 2 s to navigate carefully
It is Me (9 months ago)
I love this museum, specifically the collections of statues and impressionist paintings! Ceramics and other items are great as well. I visited it several times, never had any problems with queue (less than 5-10 minutes), but nowadays maybe better to book in advance. The cafe is decent and the shop is nice as well.
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