Amber Museum

Gdańsk, Poland

Housed in Gdańsk’s medieval Foregate building (once home to the Prison Tower and Torture Chamber), this multi-story exhibit delves extensively into the history of Baltic amber. The impressive collection of “inclusions” (when bugs or plants are caught inside the amber) is intriguing to look at, and the many amber creations, from inkwells to spoons to a stunning Fender Stratocaster guitar, shows the material’s diversity. A large open room at the top of the building houses an impressive array of modern amber jewellery that appears more artistic than wearable.

Many find the separate exhibits on the building’s past as a torture chamber uncomfortable – and considering the piped-in soundtrack of pained cries, we understand why – but they are a must-see, if for no other reason to find out what “thumb screwing” and a “heretic’s fork” are. Many of the exhibit rooms throughout the ancient building are small and cramped, and if you happen to visit on the same day as a school group it’s a nightmare.



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4.7/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Aleksandrs Cehrovs (7 months ago)
Very interesting and modern museum. All information available in Polish and English. There are a few interactive stands and kids corner. Exhibition split to 2 floors. First floor tell story of where amber is coming from and how it was used through the centuries. Second floor have examples how amber is used in art and decoration. Highly recommend this museum for whole family.
T Red (8 months ago)
Amazing! So worth a visit. Learnt lots of interesting facts as well. Staff very helpful. We brought Amber jewellery here, which had been made in Gdansk and seemed to be at a much better price than other shops
BARTOSZ Radojewski (11 months ago)
Brilliant museum with an amazing context of the city of Gdańsk. Beautiful craftsmanship inside as well as the history of amber. On top of this the history of the building itself is interesting and presented. Awesome place!
Kevin Gove (12 months ago)
Worth a visit the displays are really good and give you a in depth knowledge of how American is formed over millions of years. They also have large numbers of samples of amber containing insects, leaves and other plant matter. The shop has large numbers of items for sale from low cost to very high cost, some of these are truly fantastic
Lilla Martinovics (12 months ago)
At first glance, it doesn't seem interesting, after all, these are just "stones". But I don't regret visiting this museum at all. In fact, I have to admit, it was one of the most interesting museums I've visited recently. Perfect mixture of modernism and ancient times. If you have an hour to spare, make sure you stop here. Highly recommended for young and old, too!
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